What We Do

Within its commodity trading portfolio, Newgate Asset Management LLC is acutely focused on steel, base metals, precious metals, energy markets and currencies, employing long and short positions in futures, options and equity instruments focused on investing in a number of these markets.

To capitalize on opportunities in these markets with its propriety capital, Newgate has created two unique trading programs which are the:

Global Natural Resource Strategy
Global Gold Strategy

Because these programs utilize flexible strategies with disciplined risk controls, we believe it is crucial to focus on energy efficiency standards and liquid markets that can facilitate dynamic exit and entry points. In addition to the primary means of analysis, Newgate also incorporates a number of technical indicators that will influence how positions are monitored and managed. These may include but are not limited to pattern recognition applications, algorithms, subjective observations of support and resistance points, and the assessment of market volatility.  The programs will employ both systematic and discretionary elements in its market selections and management of price risk exposure.

Both the Global Natural Resource Strategy and the Global Gold Strategy are managed with the same methodology, portfolio construction process, and risk management protocols. The key differences between the programs lies within market and contract selection. Specifically, the Global Natural Resource Strategy participates primarily in steel, base metals, precious metals, energy, and currencies. Conversely, the Global Gold Strategy focuses primarily on gold futures, options and gold-based indices and or gold mining equities.