Who we are


Michael Frawley

Mr. Frawley is a Trading Principal and a Founding Member of Newgate Asset Management LLC.

Mr. Frawley has over 20 years of industry experience in the global finance community. In addition to his role with Newgate, Mr. Frawley is also the owner, Associated Person and listed Principal of Newgate Global Markets LLC, which is an NFA registered Independent Introducing Broker.

Most recently he was the Head of the New York Office, Managing Director and Head of Metals Sales and Trading for Cargill Inc. In this role he was a leading member of the management team that established Cargill’s metals business line which included hiring team members, developing marketing strategies and introducing new products to the firm. Prior to this role, Mr. Frawley was the Vice Chairman and Global Head of Metals, Energy and Listed Products at Jefferies Bache. In this position, he was responsible for all metals, energy, agriculture and softs sales teams within Jefferies Bache and Jefferies & Company. Prior to these roles, Mr. Frawley was the Executive Vice President and Senior Vice President of Newedge Group and Calyon Financial Inc., respectively.

Mr. Frawley has twice been elected to the London Metal Exchange Board. Currently, he serves on the board of the Copper Club and World Steel Exchange Marketing. Mike is also Chairman of Sinclair Range Inc, as well as a Foundation Trustee and Co-founder of Commodity B2B LLC. He has extensive global knowledge of the commodities industry, building successful trading, sales and hedging businesses focused principally with London Metal Exchange and Comex metals, energy, steel, agricultural and foreign exchange markets covering futures, options, OTC swaps and commodity financing. Mr. Frawley holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and Business from the University of New York at Plattsburgh and also retains his Series 3 and 30 license.


John E Gross

Mr. Gross is a Trading Principal and a Founding Member of Newgate Asset Management LLC.

Mr. Gross has over 40 years of professional experience. In addition to his role at Newgate, he is also the President and Founder of JE Gross & Co., Inc., a metals management and consultancy firm, which was established in 1987. In this role, Mr. Gross leverages his expertise in metals and knowledge of physical and futures markets to provide consulting services for metal procurement, price risk management and scrap metal recycling. Previous roles of Mr. Gross include, Manager of Metal Trading at Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting, Director of Metals Management at Scott Brass, Inc. and the Vice President of Strategic Metals for the North American operations of BICC Cables Corporation, now owned by General Cable.

Mr. Gross has written extensively about global metal markets, economic trends, and key industry issues throughout his career. He has held memberships in several trade organizations, was a Director of the American Copper Council and also served as a member of the Comex Advisory Committee. Mr. Gross is a highly decorated Vietnam Veteran and holds a Bachelor of Business Management from Hofstra University.